We believe that pricing for websites should be transparent, fixed and with no hidden fees – just like you would buy anything else on Amazon, eBay or your favourite shopping site.

We are a team of web designers that have been doing this work for several years, together we have a combined 45 years of experience. Through these many years building websites for local and international business, we have created a blueprint that matches around 85% of all the websites – and this is what allows us to deliver our services in a highly efficient, fast and professional way.

  • highly optimised web design process based on a simple step by step process,
  • very limited time waste and un-necessary complications
  • 100% transparency. All our prices are clearly listed on our website
  • you get exactly what you pay for – pick the services you want to use

We are also a 100% virtual company, and therefore we have very little overheads. This allows us to pass on the great savings to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I getting a low quality service?

Absolutely NOT. You will receive services at par with other agencies, most likely better. 😉

Or a low quality website?

Absolutely NOT. The websites built will look exactly like you would get from any other provider.

Why are our prices lower than other providers?

We have built certain processes and plans that allow us to streamline the design process, therefore take less time for a website to be built. Less time = less cost to you.

We are also a 100% virtual company, and therefore we have very low overheads. Less expenses for us, less charges to you.

How can we discuss further?

We are available to discuss projects, requirements and additional details with you by phone, email, web chat, Skype, Facebook, Whatsapp etc…

Meetings in person are also possible, but there is a small fee that we charge for meetings. We can meet you at your premises or in any central location of your choice.

How are the payment terms?

All payments must be settled in advance via our online buying options. You can pay via PayPal or via invoice, that can be settled by cheque, cash or bank transfer.

How do I get started?

We recommend that you visit this page to follow the step by step process.

As a client, do I still have my standard rights?

Of course, you have all your rights and obligations as like working with any other agency.

Can we see a portfolio?

We have decided to keep our portfolio out of the public eye for various reasons. We are happy to share with you a list of websites and other projects we have worked on. Get in touch with us so we can send you the list.